I am working away at the moment so I can't do repairs by post but if you live near Morpeth in Northumberland UK then you can drop off your item for repair after 7pm. Sorry for any inconveniance.

AB Repair, Where to get new flyback transformers for CRT TVs

If you are looking for a new flyback transformer I have been using https://www.donberg.ie/ for a few years and they have alot of them, so check them out. The transformers they sell seem to be made by HR.

To see if they have a transformer for your TV or monitor use the search tools below.

Search for a flyback by its original part number

Orig. ref.

Write the complete original reference or part of it from the flyback transformer


Search for a a flyback by TV brand and model

Select a brand Write a model  

HR part number search

Write the HR reference  

Ordering a transformer

Once you have found the HR part number for the transformer you can ask https://www.donberg.ie/  to order it for you.