AB Repair, Unlocking motorola startac 70 75 80 85 with sim card emulator

If you are needing to Unlock GSM Motorola Startacs and other old GSM Motorolas using a SIM card emulator I have wrote a guide to show you how. I have seen people on YouTube love to keep it secret so I'll show you how. However it is not easy to do. 

Parts needed to unlock old Motorola phones and emulate Motorola Clone Cards


Large Sim Card to pc adaptor

Small Sim Card to pc adaptor

To make your own adaptor or to modify a rs232 smart card emulator. 



Info about ASIM

Using ASIM to get into Clone mode

Some knowledge of using MS DOS will help.

  1. Fire up your DOS computer (Or Win 95 to Win ME, DOS Box might work)
  2. Run ASIM.EXE

Make your own SIM card emulator for ASIM

Janus pages on Mot GSM - Reference and tools for customizing most Mot GSM Phones. (50webs.org)

External links 

SmartCard PC Emulator - Miscellaneous circuits - ElShem.com

osmocom-analog (eversberg.eu)

SIM emulator by the android (50webs.org)

Motorola sim card emulator

Motorola ASIM Emulator v3.1 (gsm-support.net)