AB Repair, How to use a minolta dimage dual scan on windows 10

I have seen lots of people trying to use a DiMAGE Dual Scan on windows 10 and fail. But really it is simple to get the original Software up and running without using any compatibility modes. The problem is the Drivers for the scanner do not work on 64bit windows so follow the steps below.

Steps to running your DiMAGE Dual Scan on windows 10


  1. Download the VueScan free trial here and install it. This is so we can use their scanner drivers only, so no need to buy VueScan as we won't be using it. :)
  2. Download the latest Minolta software for your scanner here and install it. 
  3. Once installed your Scanner should work as normal on the Minolta software.


These scanners can seem slow but the orignal software can do alot of the work on its own when used right so you don't need to spend alot of time at the computer. Later i'll make a guide on how to use the software.