AB Repair, Guitar amplifier repair for solid state and valves

Welcome to AB-Repair's Guitar amplifier repair page. I've fixed many amps over the years, both valve and solid state and I'm based in Broomhill Northumberland. 

Common problems I've fixed in amps


It is hard to give a price without seeing the amplifier first so I offer a diagnosis service for £35 which is deductible from the cost of the repair if you wish to go ahead. Once I've found the fault you'll be be Emailed an estimate.  

To Book a repair use the booking link below or email me.

Our Process

Step 1

Fill out the booking form and let me know what you are looking to repair. I will get back to you with complete details for sending your device to me for repair services.

Step 2

Upon receiving your device, I will evaluate the device and provide a estimate to repair your device back to serviceable condition.

Step 3

Once your device is repaired it will be tested and a invoice will be sent that you can pay by PayPal or Card.

Why choose us

Repairs come with a warranty
Years of experience
Very good value

We can repair it

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