AB Repair, Game gear lcd replacement maunal

Below is a step by step guide to fitting a new LCD of almost any kind.

Note the 3 main versions of game gear in the photo below

VA 1 = revisions 837-9130 / 837-9024 / 837- 8560

VA0 = revisions 837-7996 / 837-7719-01

VA4 and 5 are not compatible with new LCDs

First remove unneeded components 

Green = Fluorescent light parts 

Red = brightness control parts for original LCD


Optional parts to remove

These parts are not powered anymore with the parts above being removed so you may leave them unless you want to remove them to make a little fluorescent light with the parts like me :)

New wire connections

Extra connections for McWill V2

Extra connections for McWill V3.1 and Chinese 3.1 LCD