AB Repair, GHD mk4 to mk5 pcb datasheet

On this page I will go through the operation of the GHD Mk4 to Mk5 pcb to help people with fault finding and repair of the pcb.

what the pcb components do

Ghd pcb component functions(Round buzzer)
Components Function
D2, R1 Frequently counter of mains input
R5, R6 Measure input voltage
R10, C1, D9, C7 , C6 Power supply and smoothing
R7, R3 Pull up or pull down resistors 

The other components are easy to work out so I have not added their descriptions.

GHD PCB Repair service

We also offer a PCB Repair service at £6 per PCB when you send over 5 or £7.50 when you send 4 or less.

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