AB Repair, Fujitsu fp180a joyriter windows 10 7 and 9x drivers


Windows 10 FUJITSU fp180a joyriter driver installation

Type Printer in the search box next to Start. Click Printers & Scanners then click Add Printer.
Click "The printer that I want isn't listed". Select Add a local printer ... and click Next.
If you are using a USB to LPT adaptor click "USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) or LTP1 if you are not using USB. Click Next.
Click Have Disk and browse to the "win7 to 10  FUJITSU fp180a joyriter" folder and select DLGZ.INF and install the Fujitsu DL400Pro.
Windows 10 will show your printer as the DL7400 but it will work fine. :) 


Driver link for win3.1 to win 10


Finding new ink ribbons

You do not need to use ink ribbons, just use Brother A4 thermal paper.

LTP to USB adaptors

I use the Belkin F5U002. 


If your printer in not connecting using a USB adaptor go to Printers & Scanners then click Manage, then Printer properties. Click on the Ports tab and check for other "Virtual printer port for USB" ports. E.G  USB001 or USB002. Sometimes if your plug in the adaptor to another USB port Windows will install it again and make a new virtual printer port. You can find out the correct USB port fore sure in device manager. Go to USB controllers and open USB printing support and look at the Location. It will show Port_#0001 or Port_#0002 and so on. The Port_#000x will be the virtual printer port number.