AB Repair, Beovision lx 2802 repair guide

The B&O BeoVision LX 2802 is still an epic telly so I have made a list of all the parts you should change and some fault finding tips. More info about this TV Here, Data sheets, fault finding and oporation here 

Parts you should change

4C15 (1µF)
4C28 (220µF/16V)
4C29 (100µF/16V)       
4C34 (6.8nF/1500V)     
4C32 (1.8nF/1500)
4C35 (18nF)
4C8    (1nf 1500v)
4TR15 (BC369)      
4TR11 (BU508A)    
53C46 (100nF/63V)  
53R63 (pot 2K2)
53C48 (10nF/2.5%)   
53C45 (10nF/20T)     

Flyback transformers

The model of the original transformer is 47333100 but you may not be able to get those now. How ever the HR 6356 is compatible.